Digestive Spice Rub

Heaven is making your favourite roast even more delicious by rubbing – or should I say massaging it all over with this amazing spice mix.

A great blend of spices that bring out the best in your meat and aid digestion too.

You can adjust the mix according to your tastes . The best food always has your own stamp on it – in the same way I treat my clients – each and everyone of us are different – and so too are our taste buds. Below is the list of what is in my combo with a little ditty as to some of the benefits of each spice – make up your own and let me know how you get on . Blend the ingredients in a coffee grinder or spice grinder to the consistency you like . I use my coffee grinder so my coffee has a spivey back taste to it !

 For further info please send me a message

  • Cinnamon –  blood sugar regulator – antioxidant – good for cognitive function 
  • Himalayan Salt – 80+ mineral and elements that have numerous benefits including electrolyte balance – balance pH – prevent muscle cramps – help absorb nutrients 
  • Mixed Peppercorns – anti inflammatory – carminative – antiflatulent  – increases release of digestive enzymes and aids absorption of other nutrients 
  • Cloves – anti fungal – anti bacterial- analgesic – aphrodisiac 
  • Star Anaise – antioxidant – anti bacterial – anti fungal 
  • Fennel Seeds  – dietary fibre – antioxidant – digestive – carminative 
  • Coriander Seeds – dietary fibre – antiflatulent – good source of minerals like copper,calcium,iron,manganese, potassium,zinc and magnesium  – carminative – digestive 
  • Cayenne Pepper – digestive – good for circulation as a dilator and a warmer 
  • Brown sugar – just for that naughty sweetness – I limited this to 50g

So get in the kitchen and make up your own story – keeps in a jar for ages  use on all different meats to add delicious flavour and a great health kick! 


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