The Healthy Tree

I have received so many enquiries about these amazing capsules made by my dear friend and colleague – Rose Chamberlain that I thought it necessary to devote a page on this site. This is all the information you need  – If you want to make a purchase, please contact me directly.


There are quantity discounts available and practitioner prices as well as retail. No minimum order!

I came across these capsules when I broke my fibula recently. I took no other pain killers or anti-inflammatories. My head was clear at all times and my well-being was actually very good. I tripled the dosage in the first week – this meant 6 caps p/d and then reduced to 4 caps p/d in the second week. I then put myself on a maintenance dose of 2 caps p/d. The results are the proof of the effectiveness of these little bullets. I have since recommended them for all sorts of inflammatory conditions including arthritis and bursitis.

The Healthy Tree 100% Organic Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon Capsules with Black Pepper.

  • New improved dark bottle to protect the capsules from light
  • Synergistic alchemy of anti-oxidants
  • Digestive support
  • Blood sugar balancer
  • Free from bulking agents and nasty fillers
  • 60 caps per bottle
  • Organic turmeric from Sri Lanka
  • Organic Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka
  • Organic ginger from Guatemala
  • All ingredients are certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers Board
The capsules are 100% organic and vegan/vegetarian.
The Healthy Tree Caps
Benefits of using The Pullulan Capsules
  • Excellent oxygen barrier. 250 times better protection against oxidation than HPMC capsules
  • 9 times better protection against oxidation than gelatine capsules
  • The non-hygroscopic properties greatly reduce crosslinking with encapsulated substances.
  • Specially suited to protect sensitive nutraceuticals like plant extracts, anti-oxidants and active ingredients.
  • 100% natural  – Not produced by chemical modification
  • Non-GMO, Non pathogenic, Non allergenic
  • Manufactures by natural fermentation of plant extracts
  • Well known in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Gluten free, Starch free
  • Made with purified water and natural polysaccharide of non-animal origin.

Supplements and Food – Good or Bad?

One of the great conveniences of using the Asyra/Qest4 is the speed and accuracy of the food sensitivity test.

The food sensitivity test is part of the full testing that I offer my clients. Everyone is understandably inquisitive as to what they should and shouldn’t eat. There is so much conflicting information! The food sensitivity test gives a current and up to date idea as to what foods do not resonate with the client at that time. It is very helpful as a stand alone test and joins the dots when used as part of the full consultations I give. The test needs to be analysed and interpreted by a qualified therapist that can explain the results and the readings.

If you are interested in having this quick and informative test, please contact me. The test will take 15 minutes and the cost is £15. I will email you your results immediately.

Do you need all those supplements? Are you taking the correct dosages ?

The reach of Bio-Resonance Testing is ever expanding. Clients come to me with bags of supplements that they have been taking, tried to take, forget to take and ought to take. It is a minefield. The Asyra/Qest4 can test the body against a particular substance to see if a positive resonance occurs. This is indicated by a ‘green ‘ result. If the result comes back ‘yellow’ then this means the substance dis-resonates with the body causing disruption on an energetic level. If the result returns ‘red’ then the body can take or leave the substance without any harm or good. If there is a therapeutic need for the substance being tested then correct dosages can also be advised.

I do not test any prescription drugs.

I am offering this test as a standalone test and takes up to 15 minutes depending on the how many substances we will be testing . The charge for this is £20.

Please contact me for an appointment