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After being in the fashion business for 21 years, in the middle of the night, whilst attending a break in at one of my stores, I suddenly woke up and smelled the coffee – or should I say green tea!

Passionate about organic food and natural therapies, this was the turning point that was to define the next phase of my life.

I had managed to reach my 40’s relatively disease free. Stress was probably my biggest issue – running a business and a home plus bringing up 2 kids and a few animals along the way. I can put this good fortune down to 2 things:

  • Good genetics
  • A comprehensive use of alternative medicine to treat myself and my family.

This episode in my career offered me an opportunity to re-train and qualify a passion that has been with me most of my life – Natural medicine. Myself and my family are robust and constitutionally strong. I have allowed their immune systems to develop naturally and thankfully our GP doesn’t know who we are!

I graduated from The College of Natural Medicine in 2014 in Naturopathic Nutrition and went on to specialise in Bioresonance (Energetic medicine).

I am an intermediate level Asyra/Qest4 practitioner and build and develop my own tests around the doTerra oils and Bioptron light therapy. Using bioresonance is a fascinating tool. It gives an immediate picture as to how balanced, stressed or weakened the body is on an energetic level. We are then able to address these imbalances before they manifest into physical symptoms.

I now have a busy practice bringing together energetic disciplines to help support clients through their journey to optimum health and to help prevent future ill health.

I have trained to be part of The Chrysalis Effect  – a network that supports and guides clients through their recovery from ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia.