The Healthy Tree

I have received so many enquiries about these amazing capsules made by my dear friend and colleague – Rose Chamberlain that I thought it necessary to devote a page on this site. This is all the information you need  – If you want to make a purchase, please contact me directly.


There are quantity discounts available and practitioner prices as well as retail. No minimum order!

I came across these capsules when I broke my fibula recently. I took no other pain killers or anti-inflammatories. My head was clear at all times and my well-being was actually very good. I tripled the dosage in the first week – this meant 6 caps p/d and then reduced to 4 caps p/d in the second week. I then put myself on a maintenance dose of 2 caps p/d. The results are the proof of the effectiveness of these little bullets. I have since recommended them for all sorts of inflammatory conditions including arthritis and bursitis.

The Healthy Tree 100% Organic Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon Capsules with Black Pepper.

  • New improved dark bottle to protect the capsules from light
  • Synergistic alchemy of anti-oxidants
  • Digestive support
  • Blood sugar balancer
  • Free from bulking agents and nasty fillers
  • 60 caps per bottle
  • Organic turmeric from Sri Lanka
  • Organic Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka
  • Organic ginger from Guatemala
  • All ingredients are certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers Board
The capsules are 100% organic and vegan/vegetarian.
The Healthy Tree Caps
Benefits of using The Pullulan Capsules
  • Excellent oxygen barrier. 250 times better protection against oxidation than HPMC capsules
  • 9 times better protection against oxidation than gelatine capsules
  • The non-hygroscopic properties greatly reduce crosslinking with encapsulated substances.
  • Specially suited to protect sensitive nutraceuticals like plant extracts, anti-oxidants and active ingredients.
  • 100% natural  – Not produced by chemical modification
  • Non-GMO, Non pathogenic, Non allergenic
  • Manufactures by natural fermentation of plant extracts
  • Well known in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Gluten free, Starch free
  • Made with purified water and natural polysaccharide of non-animal origin.

Supplements and Food – Good or Bad?

One of the great conveniences of using the Asyra/Qest4 is the speed and accuracy of the food sensitivity test.

The food sensitivity test is part of the full testing that I offer my clients. Everyone is understandably inquisitive as to what they should and shouldn’t eat. There is so much conflicting information! The food sensitivity test gives a current and up to date idea as to what foods do not resonate with the client at that time. It is very helpful as a stand alone test and joins the dots when used as part of the full consultations I give. The test needs to be analysed and interpreted by a qualified therapist that can explain the results and the readings.

If you are interested in having this quick and informative test, please contact me. The test will take 15 minutes and the cost is £15. I will email you your results immediately.

Do you need all those supplements? Are you taking the correct dosages ?

The reach of Bio-Resonance Testing is ever expanding. Clients come to me with bags of supplements that they have been taking, tried to take, forget to take and ought to take. It is a minefield. The Asyra/Qest4 can test the body against a particular substance to see if a positive resonance occurs. This is indicated by a ‘green ‘ result. If the result comes back ‘yellow’ then this means the substance dis-resonates with the body causing disruption on an energetic level. If the result returns ‘red’ then the body can take or leave the substance without any harm or good. If there is a therapeutic need for the substance being tested then correct dosages can also be advised.

I do not test any prescription drugs.

I am offering this test as a standalone test and takes up to 15 minutes depending on the how many substances we will be testing . The charge for this is £20.

Please contact me for an appointment

Women don’t have hot flushes, we have power surges!

As it was International Women’s day yesterday (8th March) I thought it would be appropriate to give a few tips that might help alleviate some very female symptoms. It doesn’t matter whether you are approaching the menopause or you have PMS or you just find it difficult to manage mood swings or carb cravings at certain times of the the month. There are some simple adjustments you can make to your diet and lifestyle that can go along way to helping manage these common traits.

4 30 11 Menopause cropped

Every case , should be taken on its own merits but for the sake of this blog and the diversity of the people it can reach,  I will be citing general and common symptoms and recommendations. All the recommendations have contributed to better well-being amongst the clients I see. As a holistic therapist I treat everyone as an individual so please be aware that what works for some will not be as effective for others.

The symptoms that we most commonly come across are:

  • Abdominal cramping and bloating
  • Mood swings
  • Refined carbohydrate cravings
  • Hot flashes and/or night sweats
  • Headaches

The above is by no means an exhausted list – but are the most common I see in my practice. Generally these symptoms arise  from an imbalance in the sex hormones. Progesterone and oestrogen are produced primarily in the ovaries from puberty and continue – in the case of oestrogen, in a greater or lesser form, for the rest of our lives.The 2 exist in a delicate balance and some of the symptoms mentioned can occur when this balance is disrupted. The amount of each hormone produced and it’s effecting ratio varies from day to day , month to month and year to year . It depends what stage of the life cycle you are and on your nutrition, lifestyle choices and exercise regime.

During the peri-menopause and menopausal years the levels of oestrogen are dramatically reduced and progesterone production virtually stops. The fine hormonal balance is greatly effected and results in some of the unpleasant menopausal symptoms suffered. This can also be the case when puberty is in its infancy and the body is trying to find its hormonal balance. Throughout the pubescent years and then through our 20′, 30’s and 40’s our hormonal balance is taking a constant knocking. From environmental hormone disruptors like the chemicals found in cosmetics, water sources, conventionally grown and reared food and plastics to contraception methods and pregnancy, our hormones are on a rollercoaster ride. Keeping hormones on an even keel is by no means an easy task – but if we prepare the body with the right nutrients, plenty of water and appropriate exercise it certainly makes the journey a little easier.

When the menopause does come , don’t treat it like an illness or a disease. It is a natural progression of the life cycle. In fact with the menopause comes a freedom. A freedom of knowledge and wisdom that has only been gained through life experience. Embrace the next phase of your life.

These are my top tips to balance hormones:

  • Drink plenty of water. 1 1/2 -2l per day. Add lemon (1 drop of doTerra essential oil) and a 1/4 teaspoon of Himalayan salt to a glass in the morning (Only use glass or stainless steel carriers when using essential oils)
  • Consult your doctor or health care professional (for a referral)  for Natural Progesterone supplementation. This is NOT to be confused with synthetic progestins which are normally prescribed. Traditionally natural progesterone comes in a cream form but more recent research shows sublingual forms are better absorbed and require smaller quantity.
  • Eat organic where possible and reduce the chemical load in your home. This means choices on the type of cleaning and laundry products you use. Reducing the use of plastics for storage and everyday use. Swapping non-stick pans for glass or ceramic cookware
  • Spend time outdoors everyday
  • Implement a good sleep hygiene. Remove phones, laptops, TV’s from the bedroom. Try to have an Epsom salt bath before bed.
  • Reduce and manage stress. Use meditation techniques and add yoga to an exercise regime.
  • Exercise!. A mix of integral training and yoga type exercise is a good combination. Rebounding and using the body weight are good ways to maintain bone density


  • Good fats -coconut oil, flaxseed oil, avocado, butter/ghee, eggs, nuts and seeds,
  • Clean protein – grass fed and organic meat, wild caught fish, sustainable caught oily fish quinoa, lentils, sprouting beansd8253302d5355bf3af6b12533f6d3b57
  • Anti-oxidant rich fruit and veg – Organic and dark green, red cabbage, squashes, onions,  carrots and all colour bell peppers.


  • Use apple cider vinegar and lemon as a dressing
  • Healing spices – turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne, cumin, garlic, ginger
  • Hormone Balancing Tea – contains the following herbs – Red Clover Red Raspberry Lemon Balm Dong Quai Chasteberry Damiana Leaf Rose Hips Fennel Seed Liquorice Dandelion Root Orange
  • Supplements – please consult your health professional  for interactions and choices- these recommendations are general and may not be suitable for everybody – Black Cohosh – Vitex agnus Castis -Ashwaghanda – Calcium – Magnesium – Vitamin D
  • doTerra Clary Calm is a roll on blend that can be used on the wrists or directly on the stomach to alleviate cramps – contains the following oils Clary Sage Flower, Lavender Flower, Bergamot Peel, Roman Chamomile Flower, Cedarwood Wood,  Ylang Ylang Flower, Geranium Plant, Fennel Seed, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa Herb, and Vitex Leaf/Berry essential oils.clary calm
  • doTerra Clary sage – aromatise or use topically
  • doTerra Peppermint – aromatise, use topically or internally
  • doTerra Lavender – aromatise, use topically or internally
  • doTerra PMS Blend – aromatise or add to wrists – 3 drops clary sage -10 drops geranium – 3 drops ylang ylang

All the essential oils can be purchased here:


Eat your Green…….Bananas??

I have found a silver bullet. I am so excited. This goes way beyond any superfood or miracle diet cure.

Before yesterday, I am embarrassed to say, I have never experienced Green Banana Biomass . Today I am a total convert. Mark my words and you heard it here first – this is a superfood that crosses all the T’s, dots the I’s and is so versatile – you can play with it however you wish.

I was hosting a doTerra Essential Oils class and part of the educational experience that my classes create is to bring in friends and colleagues, so they can show case anything interesting that they are doing – as long as they can add an essential oil to it.

This challenge was taken by my lovely friend and exceptional colleague Rose Chamberlain from The Healthy Tree. She is Brazilian and was amazed that we in the UK know very little about this food – or should I say process. The reaction from the guys attending the class was so strong, I felt  I needed to write something to share it with more people.

So  – her contribution was Chocolate Biomass Balls – sugar free, gluten free, fat free, prebiotic bundles of sheer indulgence.

This got me researching the banana biomass which is the main ‘carrier’ of these chocolate mousssee indulgences.


First you start with green bananas. The nutritional make up of the green banana is totally different to the yellow, ripe banana. Green bananas are a functional food, which means they have a beneficial effect on the metabolism and a role in the prevention of disease.(1) Green bananas contain a high amount of resistant starch. Resistant starch cannot be digested by the body and remains nutritionally intact after passing through the stomach acid. Because of this as it travels through the digestive tract, it acts like a cleaner. It helps to sweep the gut of toxins and excess hormones.  Excess hormones floating around the system can result in many symptoms such as bad skin, bloating, hot flushes and a contributing factor to certain hormonal cancers.

Resistant starch has a low GI and therefore has its benefits in sugar control. It also selectively stimulates the good bacteria in the gut thus acting as a prebiotic, and has been found to lower cholesterol.

The Banana Biomass is low in calories,  high in magnesium and potassium and makes you feel fuller for longer so can be used as an integral part of any weight loss programme

The Chocolate Biomass Balls Rose made used 85% raw dark organic chocolate , which is a great anti-oxidant, Xylitol , a natural sugar alternative that does not interfere with insulin levels and cinnamon , also a great blood sugar balancer. She added a few drops of Slim and Sassy doTerra oil for an added metabolic boost.(Read my blog on Slim and Sassy here)

This easy to make base can be used in many desserts or as a substitute cream cheese or double cream. Rose has used the chocolate balls mix and added it to tofu and coconut milk and whizzed up an amazing protein, prebiotic, vegan smoothie!

Here’s how to make Green Banana Biomass.

To make 200g of Green Banana Biomass

  • Take 4 green banana’s and slow cook in a ….slow cooker for 3 hours in their skins (8mins in a pressure cooker)
  • Blitz the cooked pulp with a little water
  • Store in the fridge for 5 days or freeze for up to 6months
For the Chocolate Biomass Balls
  • 200g of Green Banana Biomass
  • 100g of melted 85% dark chocolate (organic and raw if you prefer)
  • 50g Raw Cacao Powder (organic if you prefer)
  • 50g Xylitol ( adjust to taste or use what you want as a sweetener – I am trying dates or the Ayuevedic jam Chyawanprash
  • 1tbsp Raw coconut oil (organic if you prefer)
  • 1tsp cinnamon
  • 3 tbs coconut milk (organic if you prefer)
  • 2 drops of doTerra Slim & Sassy essential oil (you can purchase this oil and others here)
  • 1/4 teaspoon of Himalayan salt


Rose will soon be selling the Green Banana Biomass – watch this space!

please contact me for more info





2. Antagonistic mechanisms of synbiosis between Lactobacillus plantarum CIF17AN2 and green banana starch in the proximal colon model challenged with Salmonella TyphimuriumOriginal Research Article Anaerobe, Volume 28, August 2014, Pages 44-53
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Funny things happen!

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”




‘Everything happens for a reason ‘ is definitely a phrase I have been meditating on since I broke the fibula in my right leg a few weeks ago while I was clearing up at a homeless shelter I run (if you would like to know more please contact me). It has given me a chance to reflect on my practice and become more understanding of my clients and the difficulties they may have in implementing changes to age old habits .

When unwell,it is all too easy to grab a cake or chocolate for comfort. However, it is important to feed the body with the right nutrients  to aid and support the healing process, giving it the best tools for an effective and speedy recovery.

These are some rules I am following strictly !

  • No dairy, processed sugar or refined carbs. Generally I do not eat these foods but I have made a concerted effort not to eat comfort foods while I am laid up. They are inflammatory and offer no benefits.
  • Increased anti-inflammatory foods. Those that are high in the Omegas like oily fish, avocado, nuts and seeds. I am using loads of olive and flax oils and apple cider vinegar.
  • Increased calcium and magnesium foods: My diet is organic most of the time in any event, but I am ensuring  that while I am recovering that my toxic load is kept to a minimum. I feel my body is actually asking for these foods, so in fact my diet has become an even darker green. Wholefoods are, by their very nature, synergistically programmed to help repair, rebuild and maintain the body physically , mentally and spiritually.
  • My slow cooker has been a God-send.  I can ‘chop up and chuck in’ without too much effort. I have been adding Osius bone broth (email me if you want info on this amazing product) to the mix and cooking some great stews, vegetarian and meat. The meat becomes so tender that my digestive process does not need to waste any energy.
  • Meditation is a vital tool and one does not need to be an master. However the application of some  simple techniques to empty the mind can  have far reaching  effects.The inner balance and calm achieved have a significant effect on reducing stress levels thus demonstrating yet again the power of the mind over the physical body.



I have been using my convalescence to experiment with some cutting edge supplements.I must emphasise that in my practice I use supplements only therapeutically and always look at diet and lifestyle choices for maintenance. For my specific situation I am implementing the following:
  • For inflammation and pain a wonderful friend and colleague, Rose Chamberlain from The Healthy Tree, has made some lovely supplements. Using only organic ingredients she has produced a turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper capsule. I was taking up to 6 caps a day initially but now only 2 and sometimes none, giving me all the benefits of an pharmaceutical pain killer with none of the possible side effects. In fact I would say my well being has been great!
  • To nourish my skeletal health I have been taking 3 tiny scoops of Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals. This powder is so fine and pure, and the minerals are ionised, so that absorption is maximised. The calcium / magnesium ratio is perfect.
  • To assist with stress and joint problems and general mood, I have been drinking 30ml of Nano Mineral Water Gold daily.
  • To support my immune system and regeneration of cartilage and connective tissue I have been using Nano Mineral Water Zinc: Copper.
  • Regular re-balancing sessions on The Asyra/Qest4 Bioresonance machine. This has enormous benefits on read dressing imbalances physically and emotionally.
All of the above is drawn from my own experience and I have derived this regime after looking at my needs holistically. It is certainly working for me on many levels but the words above are not to be taken as a nostrum for healing . It is healing ME. Every human being is unique unto himself and needs different treatments at different times for different conditions.


Slim and Sassy

Often clients come to see me for weight loss. This is a bug bear for me as I do not endorse diets as such. The ethos of my practice is to educate clients into changing bad habits, adopting new and better health informed choices and bringing the right type of exercise for them into daily routines. This generally leads to the client finding their optimum weight. Along with this, comes improved mood and energy levels which in turn leads to better lifestyle choices. A beautiful circle of life!

 I do use supplements, homeopathic combinations and essential oils in the initial part of a treatment plan to support the client through the difficult phases of their transition. This week I am focusing on the essential oil;

Slim and Sassy – Can be taken internally, aromatised, used topically topically (around the abdominal area, diluted for sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Grapefruit peel, Lemon peel, Peppermint Plant, Ginger Root and Cinnamon Bark essential oils.

Key benefits:

  • Promotes a healthy metabolism
  • Helps manage hunger cravings
  • Calms the stomach and lifts mood
  • Diuretic and stimulant.

All information comes from the doTerra website but I would like to add my own experience to the generic information available.

Lets breakdown the ingredients of the oil blend.

Grapefruit peel.

Contains D-Limonene which has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is chemopreventive activity

Rich in soluble fibre pectin which helps lower bad the bad cholesterol and moderate blood sugar levels after carbohydrate consumption.

Contains the anti-oxidants Vitamin C and flavanoids, Hesperidin and Naringin.

Grapefruit may speed up the metabolism of certain medications  – be wise and consult your GP or medical practitioner before using this oil.

Lemon Peel

Contain potassium which is beneficial in the digestive process

Contains fibre -good for weight loss, blood sugar control, normalising bowel movements and lowering cholesterol

Contains Vitamin C – Immune enhancing and protects DNA from free radical damage.

Peppermint Plant

Anti-spasmodic effect – Good for digestive processes -improves the flow of bile that helps the body to digest fats

Increase energy especially in the morning

Mood enhancing

Ginger Root

Among loads of other benefits Ginger Root enhances the digestive process

Cinnamon Bark


Anit-bacterial and Anti-microbial

Good for blood sugar control and regulating metabolic processes

Logically , when you combine all the above a lovely metabolic aid is formed.

I have been using Slim&Sassy for 2 weeks now. 3 drops in a GLASS bottle of filtered water  – -approx 1.5litre. Apart from making the water taste incredibly fresh and somewhat ‘clean’ , my appetite has definitely been slightly suppressed , which is amazing for me. My energy levels are naturally quite good. This time of year I do tend to flag a bit and the Slim&Sassy is definitely a little tonic.

Would I recommend? Yes I would but as part of a a full weight loss programme that involves healthy eating and exercise.

Something to think about come the New Year!













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Digestive Spice Rub

Heaven is making your favourite roast even more delicious by rubbing – or should I say massaging it all over with this amazing spice mix.

A great blend of spices that bring out the best in your meat and aid digestion too.

You can adjust the mix according to your tastes . The best food always has your own stamp on it – in the same way I treat my clients – each and everyone of us are different – and so too are our taste buds. Below is the list of what is in my combo with a little ditty as to some of the benefits of each spice – make up your own and let me know how you get on . Blend the ingredients in a coffee grinder or spice grinder to the consistency you like . I use my coffee grinder so my coffee has a spivey back taste to it !

 For further info please send me a message

  • Cinnamon –  blood sugar regulator – antioxidant – good for cognitive function 
  • Himalayan Salt – 80+ mineral and elements that have numerous benefits including electrolyte balance – balance pH – prevent muscle cramps – help absorb nutrients 
  • Mixed Peppercorns – anti inflammatory – carminative – antiflatulent  – increases release of digestive enzymes and aids absorption of other nutrients 
  • Cloves – anti fungal – anti bacterial- analgesic – aphrodisiac 
  • Star Anaise – antioxidant – anti bacterial – anti fungal 
  • Fennel Seeds  – dietary fibre – antioxidant – digestive – carminative 
  • Coriander Seeds – dietary fibre – antiflatulent – good source of minerals like copper,calcium,iron,manganese, potassium,zinc and magnesium  – carminative – digestive 
  • Cayenne Pepper – digestive – good for circulation as a dilator and a warmer 
  • Brown sugar – just for that naughty sweetness – I limited this to 50g

So get in the kitchen and make up your own story – keeps in a jar for ages  use on all different meats to add delicious flavour and a great health kick!