‘Dani is well placed to improve & optimise your health to ensure you get more out of life.  She is intelligent, a good listener with a sincerity about her mission.  She has excellent tools to identify problems before they become more serious ones.  Using energy medicine and technology the NHS can only dream about, she can assist in putting you on the path to better health and in a risk free, non intrusive way.  No worries about toxic pharmaceutical drugs because there aren’t any.  As you’d expect from a holistic practitioner, she can guide you across the spectrum of what it takes to be well.  From natural techniques to control stress to recognising the power of nutrition, encouraging exercise and generally getting to the root of what might be your less than balanced state.  This is subtle personal medicine for the 21st century and it is based in science despite what so many blinkered in medical profession and drug companies would want you believe’

DB Male 58yrs London

‘I had been suffering from digestive issues and stomach cramps for
years but was too busy to do anything about it.
I met Dani through business networking. I agreed to take her online
body assessment which involved holding electrodes for five minutes while
watching the results on a computer program.
Dani immediately identified my problem areas, gave me two inexpensive
potions and recommended some quite significant changes to my diet and
Within a few weeks, I noticed a considerable improvement which has
been maintained six months on.
I was able to slowly re-introduce some foods during that period so the
overall change has been relatively modest.
There’s no turning back and I would certainly recommend Dani to others!’

JL Male 60 London